Cobane Ornaments

Birds of a Feather

Our Birds of a Feather Collection, designed by Nature Artist Russell Cobane, brings to life some of nature's most beautiful backyard wild birds. Each bird is lovingly painted by hand with vibrant colors and marked with precision and strict attention to detail to accurately represent each bird.

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Northern Cardinal Ornament COBANEC399

Northern Cardinal Ornament


Brown Pinecone Ornament COBANEA386

Brown Pinecone Ornament


Snowy Owl Ornament COBANED379

Snowy Owl Ornament


Barred Owl Ornament COBANEE415

Barred Owl Ornament


Barn Owl Ornament COBANEE422

Barn Owl Ornament


Goldfinch Ornament COBANEC346

Goldfinch Ornament


Female Cardinal Ornament COBANEC413

Female Cardinal Ornament


Tufted Titmouse Ornament COBANEC347

Tufted Titmouse Ornament


Baltimore Oriole Ornament COBANEC378

Baltimore Oriole Ornament


House Finch Ornament COBANEC426

House Finch Ornament


Purple Martin Ornament COBANEC400

Purple Martin Ornament


Hummingbird Ornament COBANEC344

Hummingbird Ornament


Rufous Hummingbird Ornament COBANEC417

Rufous Hummingbird Ornament


Flicker Ornament COBANEC425

Flicker Ornament


Downy Woodpecker Ornament COBANEC345

Downy Woodpecker Ornament


Bluebird Ornament COBANEC233

Bluebird Ornament


Cedar Waxwing Ornament COBANEC376

Cedar Waxwing Ornament


Western Tanager Ornament COBANEC398

Western Tanager Ornament


Robin Ornament COBANEC377

Robin Ornament


Dark Eyed Junco Ornament COBANEC397

Dark Eyed Junco Ornament


Barn Swallow Ornament COBANEC427

Barn Swallow Ornament


House Wren Ornament COBANEC396

House Wren Ornament


Gray Catbird Ornament COBANEC430

Gray Catbird Ornament


Scarlet Tanager Ornament COBANEC407

Scarlet Tanager Ornament


Mourning Dove Ornament COBANEC411

Mourning Dove Ornament


Meadowlark Ornament COBANEC424

Meadowlark Ornament


Blue Jay Ornament COBANEC406

Blue Jay Ornament


Indigo Bunting Ornament COBANEC348

Indigo Bunting Ornament


Painted Bunting Ornament COBANEC382

Painted Bunting Ornament


Kingfisher Ornament COBANEC409

Kingfisher Ornament


Evening Grosbeak Ornament COBANEC414

Evening Grosbeak Ornament


Loon With Baby Ornament COBANEE380

Loon With Baby Ornament


Rooster Ornament COBANEC362

Rooster Ornament


Hen Ornament COBANEC363

Hen Ornament


Yellow Warbler Ornament COBANEC421

Yellow Warbler Ornament